Team Page for Novice Blue

Whitby Girls Softball Association

Whitby Girls Softball Association


Team Page for Novice Blue

When each Select team has finalized the lineup of tournaments that they will be entering, these will appear on this page.


Skidmore, Jason -

Knapp, Rob -

Powell, Mike -


June 17MiltonSilver
June 24BramptonOut of Medals
July 16WhitbyGold
July 29EtobicokeGold
August 26OSSTA - BrantfordSilver


Player Name
A Daniels
S Daniels
M Gidge
S Knapp
C Mackay
J Manderson
S Moore
S Moore
J O'Donnell
E Powell
C Skidmore
C Strangway
A Thomson

Novice Blue Wins Silver in Provincials

Novice Blue

Congratulations to Novice Blue on the Silver Medal win at the Provincial Championships in Brantford during the weekend of August 26 and 27. The final game against Exeter went into three extra innings with Exter winning by just 1 run; a hard fought game all around!